Artist statement

2015 edition 日本語


◆ Introduction

I work hard to understand. It is not of the kind, such as esoteric. As in soft molluscs that does not contain spine, it disappears from your sight to give up the autonomy.

Also, it may be that neither the work.
In order to claiming to be a work it is required contour. From here - up here.
Such a thing in there is a weariness feeling, it has avoided much. Reverse the nature of the directivity, and acts like a slime mold computer.
If each work and home have wanted to become a road to be pervading the meantime.

◆ imagination and spread and the control and distribution

Not only input and output for artists who live in the modern, it has become commonplace for stepping up to the problem of distribution.
It would have also artists who avoid to be up to the Internet or exhibition by efficiency.
The choice of not or control to control it up to which area is willy-nilly faced.
Then will come the deviation of the time scale also become a major problem. Some people to be creative and imagine a post-1000 as Miyadaiku(Old carpenter in Japan), some Apple Inc, to release a new work every year as an artist. We are alive while being sandwiched between these worldview. I'm always thinking whether to adopt any time scale. Farther than remains high resolution. I wonder how best choice?

◆ printmaker and sliding nurses Qin also sweet relationship, such as the composer and performer

Since the concept had been forgotten that the original print, my photo does not matter if me free to print. I should prefer the Canon and EPSON us to nicely printed than me. Please have you brought a print if an art collector. I'll put a sign on the back side. (Of course it may be in the front side!)

◆ Are you give me the money?

There is a shop called Kinko's to FedEx Corporation is acquired. So you can create a great print, you'll be mailed.

◆ I want to (ASAP) becomes the human

Alive it is tough. But, there is that when instantaneous manner fun. What happens when such things collected and compressed. After I died, I wonder at a later date of the people is not to misunderstand that the thing so much fun my life. I have continued to take pictures in such a dark excitement.
I I have wanted to be in early human. It might not accustomed to human beings to die, and I sometimes think.
1948 of human rights was invented. Then we have gone through a time of already more than 50 years. "Humans everyone has the right to pursue happiness," it contained nothing but whites in and said "human" when. Then black becomes human, Asians will also be human beings, they are going to be extended to Maybe animal.
There is a dream to the human expansion. I even in the early human beings, will come when you participate in the battle to spread the human. In Search of the "Freedom" and "Liberty".

◆ Finally, riding a bright red Ferrari

June 8, 2011. Keisuke Honda of soccer players arrived at Narita Airport aboard the red of Ferrari. Sport newspaper reported that "want to give dreams to children." I think it's great. And willing performance in order to give a dream to soccer boy of the world. The kind of person I want to be. Obvious way to live in the time axis of children and grandchildren, I want to die aboard the Ferrari. and (I because MacGuffin. detailing Do not live in care)

◆ 1985 - 2015 - 2045

I like the movie "Back to the Future".
To imagine a 2015 that was imagined in 1985, there is no choice but to imagine 2045 to 2015. 2045 is the date on which computer is more than a man to say the Singularity, it corresponds to the end of World War II 100 years. You must be not fare in the only children who do not know the second World War. Photo to complete the earth, the universe would have become more accessible.
I want to skip work When the time comes to outer space. And to be accessed from anywhere in the world, the necessary tools will only telescope.
And it's not very degraded environment. If you are lucky with a rush the atmosphere, it might look from the surface of the earth where it burn out.

◆ photo mummy

Gorgeous road are available in the new media.
Thing has been much said previously but photo is a media dead.
It was the media to "take away the soul of the people who had been taken to the middle" when it has been imported to Japan, ripe, and distribution to, and lost, was rediscovered. Summit of Qomolangma also been shot, exhausted shooting to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and people were taken daily is a maximum of mystery, finger marks is attached to all of the scenery.
There is nothing more to take. That's why, there I hope is heading. To dig a mummy from the pyramid, and to move it. Only in order to start a new game now.

◆ Be the first to start a game together

Photo interesting as much as mah-jongg. And it just works and press the button, or appear good thing, or not so .... Reward system of narcotics is born. Primitive pleasure. On the other hand, and it yearns to useful and reasonable work. However, it in inaction and the irrational work than I feel the charm. Do you read somewhere this sentence? I of Japan now, I am writing this in the even smaller island in the japan. I finish writing this on the morning of April 14, 2015. it will differ a great deal with the situation where you are located now. But, still you are reading this sentence somewhere. And I'm living the same era. Please use your imagination. The photograph is a very interesting gamble. Let's go to buy a camera and I woke up. Now Not the'll both start the game Fodder.

※ Why my English is so great? It's thanks to the google translation.

石田祐規 yukiishida